Auto eClaim

Our Auto eClaim ® registration service is fast and easy to file your auto claim and book a vehicle damage appraisal appointment online.

Your vehicle must be registered in Saskatchewan to use this service.

Don’t use Auto eClaim:

Be prepared before you start
It will take approximately 15 to 45 minutes to complete, depending on the complexity of your claim.

You’ll need:

An email address.

Plate number of the vehicle for which you are submitting the claim.

Vehicle owner’s customer number − on vehicle registration.

Driver’s customer number and birth date − if not the owner of the vehicle.

If applicable, the SGI CANADA package policy number or the name of the company any additional insurance was purchased from for this vehicle. What is additional insurance?

What is additional insurance?
Many motorists purchase additional insurance, better known as a package policy, to lower or eliminate their deductible and provide more coverage than basic plate insurance.

Information on other vehicles, other drivers and witnesses involved in the incident.

If reported to the police, the file number. When does an accident have to be reported to the police?

When does an accident have to be reported to the police?
Accidents must be reported to the police under any of the following circumstances:
  • if the collision results in injury or death
  • if it’s a hit and run
  • if a driver is impaired
  • if any of the vehicles involved have to be towed from the scene
  • if the collision involves an out-of-province vehicle
  • damages caused by the following criminal code offences are also required to be reported to the police:
    • vandalism and malicious acts
    • theft or attempted theft
If none of the above apply, the accident needs only to be reported to SGI.

If you are a GST registrant, your eligible percentage. What is a GST registrant?

What is a GST registrant?
A GST registrant is a business or individual who has received a GST registration number from Revenue Canada and is engaged in a commercial or farming activity. A GST registrant is eligible to claim for all, or a portion of, the input costs for the purchase, repair or servicing of their vehicle.

The information you provide through SGI Auto eClaim ® registration is securely
maintained and kept confidential. Measures to protect your information against
loss, misuse and unauthorized access or disclosure have been taken.